Property management

kiado-ingatlan_522_201310020439381198731578VIP properties Kft. Has been active in the property management field in Budapest for over 17 years! As one of the most experienced companies in the market, we have obtained many fruitful connections with various factors, such as leading letting sub agents for expatriates and students accommodation, managers in the different utility companies, bookkeeping and legal consultant can offer special offers for our landlord clients and tenant, which constantly recommend our services and bring us a steady stream of students (mainly foreign medicine students letting for long term periods).Our portfolio consists of many apartments which we assisted our clients in purchasing, renovating and letting. As we constantly develop and improve our management report online service to provide our clients with prompt, updated info about their investments.

Management companies

As many of the properties in Budapest are owned by foreign investors living abroad, the need for reliable and transparent representation of the owners has become a necessity. As such, we act in behalf of the owners, keeping their best interest as our top priority. The representation of the investors includes all areas of interest. From purchasing and renovating the apartment, through finding quality tenants and making sure all rentals, communal and utility fees are done monthly, to representing the owner at house meetings, coordinating the bookkeeping accounts and related legal registration.

Our service points

  • Collecting the deposit, and monthly rental fees from tenants and depositing it directly to the landlord’s bank account.
  • and making sure the deposit is paid back only after a meticulous inspection of the apartment’s condition, and confirmation of all payments due by the tenants are done.
  • Providing detailed and transparent bookkeeping services for company owned apartments, including issuing of invoices, keeping records of financial transactions, submitting of reports to the tax authority and making sure all due payments are done according to legal requirements.
  • Assisting in obtaining tax cards from the tax authorities to private owners, in order to provide invoices for incoming rent according to regulations.
  • Through screening of potential tenants.
  • Collecting monthly utilities service fees and making direct payments to the relevant utility company.
  • Various and tailored furnishing packages.
  • Updating monthly status reports regarding the apartment condition and tenancy status, including quarterly income and expenditure accurate statements.
  • Collecting of all post and official notices regarding the apartment.
  • Representation of the owner at the monthly condominium management meeting, and voting on his behalf on the building management decision for the related subjects.
  • Ongoing communications between the landlord and the tenants, bridging over languages barriers.
  • Performing of all maintenance services, and prompt repair jobs in the apartment if required. Support tenants with detailed instructions on the usage and safety measures needed for operating the electrical appliances, gas heating systems and domestic appliances.
  • Make sure the insurance payments are accepted by the insurance company,and that the insurance is valid for the building, the apartment, and the apartment’s content.
  • Organize, schedule and supervise over full cleaning services for the property.
  • Publish with our network of agents, related websites, and foreign companies we work with in order to let/sale your property to your satisfaction.