Our Projects

VIP Properties Group

VIP founded by Motti Pand in 1998 since than the company owned and managed by Motti .

VIP activity since 18 years:

  • Purchase of properties in Budapest and the shrouding area.
  • Projects developments total of ~2,000 flats projects.
  • renovation of VIP clients flat
  • Renting flats
  • Properties management

Budapest 2nd Dis. Residential Building

  • Luxuries residential house
  • Purchase of the land from the 2nd district municipality.
  • Planning.
  • Construction.
  • Selling.
  • Renting and management


2nd_1   2nd_2

Budapest 13th Dis. Reitter Ference U Project

2003 project of 750 flats + 10,000 m2 commercial

  • Purchase of a filters factory on a land of 15,000m2.
  • Re-planning and changing the KSZT with the municipality for 750 flats + 10,000 commercial are
  • 2005: Demolition of the factory, getting the new KSZT and selling the project to an Irish fund(the owners of the Four Season Hotel – Grasham Place

Pomaz Residential Project

2006-2008 Residential Project in Pomaz.

The Project:

  • Purchase of a land for 280 flats, working with the municipality to change it to 350 flats
  • Planning of the project.
  • In-house Construction of the project.
  • In-house Selling and marketing

pomaz1    pomaz2

Residential Project Piliscsaba

2006 Residential Project in Piliscsaba

The Project:

  • Purchase of a lot for 220 homes with a “frozen” SZT
  • Agreement with the municipality to release the “frozen” SZT
  • Change of the SZT from 220 to 440 homes